2017 ICCM Americas Speaker Bios

Carl Armstrong

Greg Beeley from LightSys

Greg Beeley, co-founder and CEO of LightSys Technology Services, has been serving in missions software engineering and IT for over 20 years.  His experience includes such areas as information security, software engineering, open-source technologies, networking and WiFi, Linux, and nonprofit operations.  Greg also leads LightSys’ Spring Break Code-a-Thon for Missions, which just finished its fifth year.  Greg and his wife Dorinda have a huge heart for using technology to help reach the unreached world with Jesus’ love.

Joshua Brower from Defense in Depth

Josh has been crashing computers since his early teens, and now does it full-time as he works in the international NGO community, helping to protect the lives and work of people around the world.

Roy Campbell

Roy Campbell has worked in various IT related environments for over 30 years.  In 1999, he joined a ministry as an IT Tech and started a 16 year journey towards being involved with inner city and majority world projects leveraging technology to serve people in poverty.  Currently he’s bootstraping an eLearning company called Learning For Humanity where they are working to use technology for sustainable education. He’s been involved with ICCM since 2001 and is currently a core leader for ICCM-Africa. Roy is married to Carol.  His daughters Natalie and Jamie have both attended ICCM’s in the US. In his after hours life, he enjoys playing hockey, is a top-10 ranked Crokinole player, and enjoys board gaming.
Roy’s work currently has him researching low power technology, and overseeing infrastructure development for educational environments in the majority world. He also enjoys discussions and sessions around Culture, Technology, and Spirituality and their interactions with each other.

David Caylor from X31 Technologies

David is the co-founder, with Shawn Parrish, of NodePing and X31 Technologies.  Before that, he spent several years each in the IT departments at MAF and Food for the Hungry.  Over the past couple of decades he’s done system administration; implemented, managed and integrated financial applications and other databases; built web applications; and managed technical teams.  David’s first ICCM was in the late 90’s.

Carl Daudt, Enterprise Systems Analyst, Taylor University, Upland, Indiana

Carl Daudt is a member of the Information Technology Department of Taylor University.  Together with his wife, Judy Daudt, he endeavors to serve the needs of missionaries in practical ways.  They have lived out their desire to support missions through technology and technology related missions, adoption of college aged missionary kids, and commitment to long term relationships with missionaries and the mission community.  Carl and Judy served for over eleven years as advisors for the Mu Kappa student organization at Taylor University, an organization for missionary kids in college.  Carl is a geophysicist by training, and has maintained connections with international students since his graduate school days.  Carl first attended ICCM in 2001 at the JAARS facility in Waxhaw, NC.

Tom Francis

Tom Francis is a software developer and consultant with over 20 years of experience in commercial and open source software, with particular interests on process and data security. Recently, Tom has been aiding a missions organization with one of their many software projects, and reviewing projects for LightSys sponsored Spring Break Code-a-Thons.

Marjorie Garrean from Operation Mobilization

Mark Johnson from Computers in Ministry

Jonathan Meester from Computers in Ministry

Darci Nurkkala

Tom Nurkkala from Taylor University

Dr. Tom Nurkkala, founding director for the Center for Missions Computing at Taylor University, has a passion for missions that is manifested in connecting software development, domestically- and internationally-based missions partners, and students in the field of technology and missions.  As a software developer, Dr. Nurkkala has over
30 years of leadership experience in industry and consulting as a software engineer, systems architect, and researcher.  In 2008, he shifted his career to teaching at Taylor University, where he is currently an associate professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department.  In speaking of his role in both teaching and directing the Center, Dr. Nurkkala states that his desire is to “…help train and mentor excellent computer scientists and engineers who are also dedicated followers of Christ. … My prayer and desire is to help shape the kind of scientists and engineers that I would have been delighted to have hired in industry, and to see those students harness their experience, skills, and understanding to serve their families, communities, churches, and, ultimately, the Kingdom”.  Dr. Nurkkala has degrees in Computer Science and in Electrical Engineering, having studied at the University of Minnesota and Michigan Technological University.  He also has a Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies from Bethel Theological Seminary.  He has authored numerous publications and articles, both during his industry and consulting career and while teaching.  His most recent article, co-authored with his wife, Darci Nurkkala, is entitled “Leading a successful missions trip in your discipline” (Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Association for Christians in the Mathematical Sciences, St. Paul, MN, 2013).

Shawn Parrish from NodePing

Shawn Parrish is a codemonkey for X31 Technologies. He works remotely from wherever he happens to be (usually Colorado) with his 7 homeschooled kids and a very patient wife. Former missionary to Paraguay.

Aaron Pendleton from Computers in Ministry

Craig Thompson from Caldwell Global Communications

Craig is the President of Caldwell Global Communications, Inc. which specializes in Internet-based services. He has worked with organizations in Asia, Europe, Africa and North and South America on VOIP, VPN, e-mail, firewall and other IT projects. He enjoys using his talents to help missionaries, pastors and similar groups to communicate securely and effectively.

Russ Tuck

Kevin Weaver from LightSys

Kevin Weaver has more than seventeen years of prior experience as a Windows network engineer. He typically assists a few dozen ministries every year, some on site and some remotely. His key skills are with Windows Servers, Active Directory, Exchange Servers, server hardware and firewalls. He also has management experience via time in the Army and later leading a small IT team at the mission Crossworld. He has led sessions at almost every ICCM in the U.S. since 2006, including a two-day workshop on Windows Server. He also teaches the Bible and theology in various settings.


Ben has ten years of systems and network experience across a variety of sectors, and is currently working on unified communications in a Fortune 500 company. Ben’s experience covers a wide variety of specialties, including campus and data center networking, Linux and Windows systems, and storage systems and protocols, which he enjoys using to design and implement end-to-end solutions. Current interests include network-based video and audio transport, security, system configuration management/monitoring/automation and storage management and networking.

And more to come…