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imageAt the heart of ICCM is the open sharing of technical questions and answers, networking among individuals and organizations, and encouragement in Christian values and practices in technical spaces. Through mailing lists and social media sites noted here, we invite you to join these conversations. Mailing lists and social media accounts are moderated by a committee of persons from across all ICCM-represented regions.

Social Media

Mailing Lists/Discussion Groups

ICCM General
Here’s the home for ICCM, a community wholly focused on Computing and the global mission of the church

Here’s where ICCM attendees talk about technical topics which may have come from or lead to sessions and workshops in the formal conference (networking, security practices, implementation challenges, etc.).

ICCM Linux Topics
Share and discuss linux based applications and support.

ICCM Management Topics
Share and discover short term technical projects that YOU can help with.

ICCM Tasks
Discuss, assign, and manage tasks which lead to ICCM projects and conferences.

If you would like to post job openings, internship information, or similar information here, use the general ICCM List, ICCM Americas Slack channel or e-mail with a small description and a link to your website and/or official job posting.

While we do not promote speakers marketing products and services during the conference, we do accept limited sponsorships for content directly relating to supporting IT in mission. Please contact us directly for more information.